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Cash for My Trucks services XXX with outstanding truck removal services. Our truck buying is the alternative that saves time, energy and cost. We don’t charge for removals, or ask that vehicle owners bring their vehicle in for an inspection before we make a cash offer. We offer cash quotes over the phone and make instant cash payments at the time we collect your unwanted truck.

Call us at 0476 444 111
Vehicle owners don’t have to look all over town for a good deal, Cash for My Trucks is the quality, licensed truck buyer that offers good payouts.


Our Services….

  • Cash for Trucks
  • Cash for Scrap Trucks
  • Truck Removals
  • Scrap Truck Removals
  • Trucks Disposals


Cash for Trucks

The hassles gone when selling your unwanted truck when you sell it to Cash for My Trucks. We are a cash for trucks company that pays instant cash on all trucks we remove. Our process is quick and carefree. We simply make an offer that we hope you cannot resist, and if you can’t, we schedule a free truck removal. Our cash for trucks offers reach up to $9999 and the cash is paid once we perform a quick inspection on your vehicle. We perform all inspections at the time we come to remove your vehicle.

Our cash for scrap trucks are also good, making a point not to insult vehicle owners with undervalued offers. We employ truck appraisers that have years of experience appraising trucks of all makes and conditions.


Free Truck Removals

At Cash for My Trucks, we offer an alternative to paying a towing company to come and remove your unwanted vehicle. We offer free truck removals to all suburbs of XXX. Our truck removals and scrap truck removals are professional, performed by expert truck removal specialists that utilise the best and most advanced equipment and tools. With each truck removal we perform, we assure our customers that they do not have to perform any heavy lifting.


Truck Disposals

Truck disposals don’t cost at Cash for My Trucks. We are a truck removal company that always offers free truck disposals. We also offer truck owners the peace of mind that they won’t be risking polluting the environment with an unsafe truck disposal. We recycle all trucks 100 percent. We simply remove all the parts and steel of the vehicle, allowing our expert recyclers to do their job and then resell the parts and steel as reconditioned product.  It is this truck disposal system that ensures the safety of the environment and the most cash in the hands of vehicle owners.


Contact Us Today 

Get your truck removed today by calling Cash for My Trucks.  We offer free truck removals, cash for trucks, and free truck disposals.  We are a company that takes great pride in having a reputation that vehicle owners can trust in offering the best cash payouts on unwanted trucks.  Call us with a description of your vehicle and we’ll make you a cash offer.  We do require that you let us know whether you have the title of ownership to your vehicle at the time we make you an offer.  While this will not influence our cash offer, we will need to provide you with alternatives, so that we can buy your unwanted truck.


Call us at 0476 444 111

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We are the truck buying experts that doesn’t make it a hassle to sell your unwanted truck.  You can have it sold today.