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Scrap Truck Removal

Scrap trucks mean cash at Cash for My Trucks.  We buy all types of scrap vehicles and with the help of our expert truck wreckers turn them into reconditioned parts and steel. The process is one that is eco-friendly and one that pays scrap truck owners up to $9999 cash.

Call us at  0476 444 111

We are Melbourne’s leading Truck Wreckers.

Scrap Truck Removal Melbourne

Cash for My Trucks isn’t the typical truck removal company.  We offer cash right along with a free truck removal.  We buy all makes and models of scrap trucks no matter what their level of damage.  We will come to your location and remove your:

  • Truck with body damage
  • Truck with massive engine damage
  • Truck that’s been caught in a fire
  • Truck that’s been caught in a flood
  • Truck with a salvage title
  • Truck that is pure junk
  • Truck that’s rusted out

Cash for My Trucks removes unwanted trucks of any condition.


How to Get a Scrap Truck Removal 

To get a scrap truck removal, you need to start by contacting us:

  1.  Call us at 0476 444 111
  2.  At the time of your call, we will ask you the details about your vehicle, so please have the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle ready.  The description of the vehicle will need to be as accurate as possible.
  3.  We’ll make a cash quote on your unwanted scrap truck of up to $9999.
  4.  Accept our offer and we’ll schedule a free scrap truck removal.
  5.  Have the truck located in an area that our truck removal specialists can easy inspect and remove the vehicle.  We also require the title of ownership to your scrap truck.  In some cases, we may be able to take the vehicle’s registration.  We’ll also need proof of your Photo ID.  The entire process takes about 30 minutes from the time we arrive.
  6.  Collect our cash offer.


Our scrap truck removals Melbourne are fast and convenient and always pay cash. We service all suburbs in Melbourne with free scrap truck removals:

The Western Suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs, Port Melbourne, Southbank, Kensington, South Yarra, Parkville and all other Melbourne locations.

Cash for My Trucks is a professional truck buyer that buys unwanted trucks on the spot, and we pride ourselves in not undervaluing the price of vehicles that we make a cash offer on to vehicle owners.



Contact Us Today

Just give us a call at the number below.  We can also be reached by completing our “Get a Quote” form located on this page.

Call us at  0476 444 111